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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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and in many ways the overblown rhetoric coming from certain policy makers has made it about how can we most quickly ensure convictions but that is not the way to ensure processes and trials that are legitimate and that stand the test of time and that americans can be proud of and that's also not what the justice system is for you know as just to find people guilty as quickly as possible thank you so much for joining us on this one thank you for having me. all right still to come on tonight's show are told time involves the part time celebrity part time politician sarah palin i know what she's done this time to get our award and we are bombarded daily with medical studies but are they always accurate i'm going to speak with david freeman a journalist and author of the wrong why experts keep failing us and how to know when not to trust them.
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oh. i guess this is all so new coming to life for most of the headline. shifting slogans nice hotels russia it's not a threat on board small scale to join a new missile defense. submarines a new post cold war strategy native indians have also discussed the war in afghanistan with twenty fourteen years with as a pullout date. also a deadly legacy as the concrete cup coverage for knoebels and their point of it's like scientists warry hidden dangers and i lurk and denise and you protection
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shield has been unveiled to provide protection for at least one hundred years against another going to the streets. and russia considers changing the world to give all communities said so instead of prison someone cranes it's part of the country's ongoing criminal north for aiming to relieve the crime to jails by introducing punishment to feed the crew. and there's the headlines now the second part will be on your show he's up next. we've got. the biggest issues good voice ceased to face with the news makers. it's time for tonight's tool time war and we're giving it to the half term alaska governor and presidential hopeful sarah palin has got a new book coming out next week and she's hitting the road to sell her worthless
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dribble to her during fans i'm sure they're going to line up early and very often to buy sarah palin's america by heart but in recent days several excerpts from the book have been leaked online gawker is published several passages and that is what really set the wausau would not offer she took to her twitter account of another one of her famously idiotic tweets and she wrote the publishing world is a leaking out of context service of my book without my permission isn't that illegal oh sarah i'm sorry but we have to refuel and if you want to be president the united states maybe you should read about the laws first so there's actually nothing illegal going on here i understand it took you five years five colleges to get a degree but you should really stop embarrassing yourself in public have a staff or at least look over your tweets before you send them out or simply go to a computer google book at serps excerpts q.b. and look for fair use stanford university has a great website on copyright issues the first line on the page states their use as
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a copyright principle based on the belief that the public is entitled to freely use portions of copyrighted material for purposes of commentary and criticism so sorry dear this information is everywhere on the web like everywhere not even kidding so if you're still having trouble getting up to speed on your copyright issues just call your lawyers i'm sure they can explain it in very simple terms that even you could understand to sarah why don't you just take a little bit of time to read your tweets or facebook i mean you technically are unemployed you traded your job as governor for fame and fortune so obviously when you must have some free time on your hands i know it sucks when people leak your material but that's just part of the game that's why sarah palin is tonight's told time winner. now after reading a few articles today i determine the our government's drug control ministration well i think they're pretty clueless let me explain in california officials carried out a counterterrorism exercise where the enemy seize control of
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a dam set off several bombs all attempts to win back an imprisoned colleague for there is just one little problem the so-called enemy in this counterterrorism exercise was a group of a pot growers yeah stoners the people who sit around smoking weed all day getting high apparently the federal bureau of reclamation who conducted the exercise doesn't really know any stoners because the idea of a pot head conducting a type of malicious terrorism it just doesn't seem accurate talk rowers definitely aren't on any type of terrorism watch list and have you seen what they do when they do that. good. what is a ring. of a tool. yes that's just a movie but it's not that far from the truth now as far as i'm concerned the biggest threat of a pothead would be buying up all the burger is a white castle the way to gets worse we later got our hands on the office of
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national drug control policies personal handbook to find street terms for drugs. well let me just tell you this handbook is like a dictionary of drug terminology for dummies apparently blow your mind means getting high on whole lewson engines under the letter f. you'll find fenian which means that you're craving drugs and flying mexican airlines means to smoke marijuana right because none of us really learned any of those things that i can dare not to mention i theme for chocolate all the time also here's one that i really like is the good stuff apparently that refers to weed to a high potency drug especially marijuana but i mean anything that gets a drug seriously the good stuff needs to be described in a handbook moving on movie star drug is their slang for cocaine yes hollywood rock stars wall street kids in boarding school how about anybody that has
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too much money laying around can be into the movie star drug this one's especially good speedballs no style another slang term for the high priced white stuff again these terms are things you learn about as a child or quite simply through common sense so let's just say that i think this gives us a pretty good indicator on why the war on drugs in our country is such a failure they don't know what the hell they're talking about. now do you feel like there's a new medical study coming out every single week and always happens to refute some study that was out previously you know one week red wine full of antioxidants is so good for you the next week you somehow seem to be toying with death but yet because an expert said it's we believe it however if you look at some of the statistics well they're rather scary two thirds of the findings published in the top medical journals are a few dead within a few years as much as ninety percent of physicians medical knowledge has been found to be substantially or completely wrong and in fact there's
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a one in twelve chance that a doctor's diagnosis will be so wrong that it causes the patient significant harm so why are they also wrong is because money has become more important than research but also now that we do know how wrong they are that we just stop listening here to discuss with me is david friedman journalist and author of his latest book wrong why experts kids failing us and how to know when not to trust them david thank you so much for being here pleasure so i just named off a few specifics that i found pretty scary do you have anything else that all really you know make the viewer start shaking it's all pretty scary i mean this curious thing is almost anything you hear from an expert any kind of expert. is probably wrong has a greater chance of being wrong than being right and that sort of leaves a sort of drift wondering what it is we're supposed to eat which drugs to take and how to behave to be healthy for example was that because we just throw the word expert around so easily read i mean what it can be labeled one they say is i think
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so i think it's part of the problem but i think what's even scarier is that the people who we really i think need to put some faith in which is are doctors and scientists really people who really have worked hard to know a lot of very smart and really do the research they turn out to be wrong too but i also want to talk about some of the factors right because you base a lot of your information on i want specific. dr here who you know says that well researchers often want to prove their point when they do a study and essentially all research has some type of bias in it so i mean is that also the problem that everybody wants to prove their point because if their study is really exciting then it will get published and then they might get more funding for it part of the problem is that there are so many problems with expertise but i think you just put your finger on the biggest one which is bias our experts are essentially rewarded to have a certain kind of result it will get them promotion it will get them published it will give them tenure at
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a university it will get them attention from the public and as soon as you have that bias in a study in this has been known for hundreds of years there's a pretty good chance you're going to find the kind of result that will really get you what you want even if the result is wrong and now also if we bring in a no the pharmaceutical industry into this entire mess here and we have doctors that are probably pressured by the pharmaceutical companies to you know promote certain certain medications to their patients we know how do you stop this vicious circle it is a really tough problem it's like a law and it's very very hard on tired and i think the important thing is to not even try to think in terms of how do we fix it so we can make experts right or how do we always know what an expert right but rather to understand the high wrongness rate and so we need to be a little smaller about what it is we put our faith in and just be a little cautious about jumping into what an expert tells us to do what do you think that. we're a little blinded you know in our faith these days that we just too easily accept what anyone turn to deemed an expert will tell us i think it's kind of wired into
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us i mean we're sort of brought up first trust our parents and then our teachers and then our textbooks and ultimately the talking heads of the scientists and other experts we see on t.v. and we sort of have a need to and we don't have the answer ourselves it would be nice if experts would have them and they are pretty smart but it just doesn't work that way that the problems are too hard and there are too many things. wrong with the expertise process for us to get the answers that we so desperately want but if there's all these problems if everyone is wrong all the time then i don't know do we do we bad research bad experts say that we don't need any kind of studies done to tell us what to eat what you drink you know what to think well i think we have to avoid going that far because in the end some of the advice from experts even if it's a minority of it some of it is right and it's actually really important and i think if we're really careful about this and we don't listen to any one expert and especially avoid listening to that latest breakthrough advice but instead kind of
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take a bigger look have some perspective i think we can usually sort of get a sense of what's more likely to be right instead of wrong and and that can save our lives doing that well i mean let's use food as an example to right i mean these days we constantly hear that certain foods or like i said wine that some things are good for us because they have antioxidants and they're good for our heart but had too much then it can be deadly for you i mean is the key just moderation i guess in many respects i think moderation is important i think part of the problem is that we're looking for the secret ingredient that's going to basically let us live forever bad news probably no matter what you eat and what you do you're going to have initially. unfortunate truth of every unfortunate so there is no easy answer there but yes i think a pretty safe policy is most things sure in moderation i mean wine for example you get into trouble if you drink a lot of it same with chocolate take it easy on fat take it easy on sugar you don't have to cut this stuff completely howdy either but don't go nuts it will help
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a little bit now you would think too that the medical community would be up in arms over this when they hear that there is a doctor out there saying that all of you know medical studies for the most part ninety percent of them are wrong but somehow they're embracing this explain that to me that's the nicest thing i think about scientists is they love hearing about this stuff they love hearing about the ways in which they're wrong. they want to do better they understand these problems they like to face up to the truth when it when it's held up to them and pointed out to them and and they do work at getting better scientists really want to get this stuff right i give them credit for that and i think over time they do get better for you if you think they really want to get it right or they really just keep wanting to get paid right because if you think just in the us allow and i think it's one hundred million or one hundred billion that the research industry is every single year it's billion yes it's a lot of money and i don't like to put things in terms of money i know
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a lot of scientists i really enjoy and yes like anybody else i mean they'd rather have more money than once money most of them i don't think most of them would do anything wrong to have more money i think it tends to be recognition in the field status promotion they want to be successful in general sometimes that is money money can be very corrupting but i don't think that's the biggest problem well you know i would hope yes we all hope that they want to be successful because we all want to be able to believe these studies but there doesn't really seem to be any type of magic cure to make them all right but definitely interesting information and a little disheartening. to know that yeah everything you hear out there is probably it ron thank you so much for being here and thank you. well still to come on tonight's show our friday fireside chat and then print out a little bit of fun with long heads saravanan concept of some of the week's most over the top stories.
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my grandmother did not like we're going to become. and was afraid. and she was very cool. she filled. our lives frankenstein's monster. we don't have the problem. every time and effort is made. on the palestinian or in the european side to negotiate an end to the violent attacks against israel which i have no fear of war call the cowards song goes you have no you're calling the leader of the state of israel one of the main terrorists in the world. we are supposed to be seriously examining history but you mention
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a few words about jewish culture labyrinth and people get so upset this is i'm sorry to say it's a form of emotional blackmail. are you. comfortable. just. observing. and scary. on the. rangers. scored. toward are included. a photo with the wild blue or rose.
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to tonight's fireside fridays be your host cops. president obama is meeting with world leaders in portugal discussing the war in afghanistan with the u.s. military is deploying a company of m one abrams tanks to marine station in the northern helmand province now let's get one thing clear first these aren't just any tanks no these things are monstrosities they each way sixty eight tons they're propelled by a jet engine and they're equipped with thirty year old precision firepower so why in a mountainous dusty country like afghanistan would you try to have big tanks rolling
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around well if you listen to military officials they'll tell you that it's simple all shock and firepower it's all part of a campaign to show how strongly they've been the thing up military operations and not the unconventional counterinsurgency type no i'm talking a very conventional warfare bomb and kill shock and awe forget about hearts and minds just think about some of the nato planes are currently dropping more bombs in afghanistan but it. any time since the two thousand and one invasion special forces have increased night raids this summer to the point where afghan president hamid karzai said enough and while they claim of this use of intensive forces putting a dent into the taliban's momentum we have yet to see it we have yet to see will all marked sects and you negotiate with karzai so why are they really are these tanks and i'd love to be privy to pentagon materials to be a fly on those walls without the insider knowledge i can only come to the conclusion seems that the military here is admitting the after nine years they're
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still failing admitting that when it comes to road side warfare despite all of their technologies their attempts at creating mine prove vehicles they're losing out to the taliban and their i.e.d. so one thing these tanks will do is keep troops on the roads safer make it easier for them to battle insurgents to win the war i think. if you were a condom what type of condom would be i know that it sounds like the start of some barbara walters interview but really it's a question being asked by the washington d.c. department of health to the district to set up a rubber revolution website and i'm being serious when i tell you this the website really has this bizarre kind of seventy's vibe to it you can even take a condom quiz there it is to find out what type of condom you are and then it
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allows you to post your results on twitter and facebook i took the quiz earlier and apparently i'm a flavored condom whatever that means you can even star in your own condom video and win an i pad and if you're under age how would you like to explain that one to your parents hey mom and dad i was in this video about condoms and i got a prize now the site says if they're starting a new move in d.c. to take condoms out of hiding to remove them from your wallets in your purse as in every ward of the city they want condoms in the hands of men and women of d.c. to be used for responsible and good sex i say why just good sex why not great sex but despite that misfire the site it does have a useful site free condoms can be obtained from the city through a discreet web form or if you aren't so bashful then you can call three eleven and tell customer service that you want to order some free condoms we should note here do you see has one of the highest hiv aids rates in the country so this web site is promoting safe sex of course there are critics out there claiming that this site is
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just promoting sex to teens but i've got a newsflash for you guys teens are already having sex by the way when you order condoms when it arrives you also will be getting magnums the ones i threw on the ground earlier as we told you back in may the d.c. department of health had to switch their distribution of these supersize rubbers because apparently every man in d.c. it likes to imagine that he needs one now the bottom line out there is for those of you who think that this revolution is encouraging casual sex let me just repeat one more time teenagers are already having casual sex lots of it so anything we can do to make sure that it's as safe as possible i'm on board with i think it's time to acknowledge reality people. moving on from condoms let's have some fun without protection and by that i mean let's get sarah benning kos a blogger for take on some of the funniest stories from the week for the most ridiculous ones and also some of the just outright most annoying stories she's joining me now live from our studio in new york now sarah sorry i was kind of
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struggling with the transition from condoms to you there is so i decided to bring it out but like i told you my coworkers forced me to take this condom quiz today apparently i'm of flavored condom so i made you take the quiz to only to be fair what did you turn out. yes like a good friend you made me take the condom quiz i got average you know standard latex condom how boring is that i got the boring one that's really kind of shocked by that i didn't expect that for you that is incredibly boring but let me tell you something that's a little interesting i guess you could say there's a new study out there that says that women whose names and in the letter a like sarah you tend to have more sexual partners in life than those who don't sarah. well alone. i think the thing about girls with is at the end of their names is that we're just so fabulous and amazing you know i was reading that study online and it
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was just one of those odd things where there must be no actual correlation between the ages at the end of our names our extreme hotness and the amount of sex that we have it's not junk science exactly it's just weird science sure you could do the study again a million times and find that guys with teased at the end of their names have weird sized ear lobes i guess i guess i'm going to go with the whole fabulous part i like that better now i want to. i want to switch over unfortunately because we have to to to sarah paling right i mean she's everywhere these days we see bristol palin to you on dancing with the stars promoting her new book soon and then we had willow pailin who decided to go on some tirade on facebook when some people didn't like her new reality show about her family but wow willow really gave us some insight here i mean these kids were talking about meth labs they were talking about teen pregnancy they were just spewing off homophobic slurs i've do we just get the
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impression now of the palin's are trashy and they've been trying to hide it from us all off. yeah i think we've always had indications that they were trashed asdic but we didn't have the full blown view of it until we got to see how bristol and willow speak on their facebook pages so people say oh they're just kids it's a kids talk well ok that's how some kids talk and some kids are dumb but bristol is also nineteen years old a legal adult and the mother of an almost two year old i think as she's often fond of saying to prove what a hard worker she is excuse me a hard ass worker so i feel like it's true what my mom told me when i was little she said just because you have a lot of money doesn't mean that you have a lot of class and just because you don't have a lot of money doesn't mean that you're trashy i think that's quite true in this case i generally agree with you there now tell me this do you buy into this whole conspiracy theory of the only reason bristol palin even made it to the finals on
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dancing with the stars is because the tea party has an agenda to get her to the top . oh yeah i think it's pretty basic i mean these people are whipping each other up into a frenzy on their creepy message boards and sending their disturbing a a well for words that you get from the occasional racist grandma on your family like they're really putting an effort out there on facebook or they're using social networking to get bristol to the top which is redonda because if you watch d w t s as i do you know that jennifer grey is suspect act and so deserves to win. it's not a dancer not a natural born dancer i was going to say that now tell me this though because you know sarah palin now has basically announced that she would be willing to run for president in two thousand and twelve and i think that's kind of scary then my boss told me today that while he was driving to work in maryland he saw a beautiful blonde woman driving a black cadillac escalator with a bumper sticker on it that say sarah pailin twenty twelve oh my god do you think
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this woman actually has a chance. i can best respond to that by doing this. that makes me want to die i don't think she has a chance of being elected president i just think there's too much out there there's too much blood in the water already i do think she has a good chance of making a good run at the nomination i don't think that she will get it i think the the top brass in the party and the people who make the real decisions will stamp that fire out before it gets a chance to burn everything down i do not think she has a chance of winning the general but i do think she will give mitt romney. money. yes i do think. just might step in here because i think that she really scares the crap out of them let me bring something up really quickly with you this isn't necessarily a laughing matter but it really pissed me off yesterday that unanimously republicans
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voted to block you know a piece of a fair pay act for women and they said that that was because well it's just really not the right time for small businesses because the economy is really struggling right now are you outraged about that the fact that these women senators choose small business over i don't know average american women just because they're rich they don't have to care about justice. well republican women traditionally are just there to do a sort of and knackered mystic minstrel dance of smiling and battling and basically pretending not to be the leaders that they are republicans generally like their women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen at least the super conservative borns do and so the fact that these gals are voting against their own kind is pretty indicative of the kind of leadership you can expect from most of these republican females i think it's a little freaky to be honest but let me tell you ok really quickly stupid story but
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the pity me of american college here is there's a new product out there the pillow remote control so you never actually have to get up off your ass to search for the remote control because you're already sitting on it does this going to be the new snuggies are going to take off. i mean i hope so you know sometimes i wonder why we're so fat as a country and then people invent the remote control pillow and i say thank you and now i understand. we have a thing so much. our it's unfortunate show thanks for tuning in make sure you guys come back on monday we're going to have both sides a battle that's raging about muslim player prayer rooms on capitol hill jordan secular from the american center for law and justice and soon hell caught a former bush staffer are going to hash it out live right here on this program in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you can always catch it all you tube dot com
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slash the a lot of show of course the interviews as well as the show in its entirety coming up next as the news of the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the world. though so many years as. some saw in the prisoners. still a lot. as well for. those so many years as. some are being designed to save. others take their executioners long these are just. so many years is that. memory is still a moment. as well. as. great. wealthy british style it's time to the sets.


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